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Saturday, July 19, 2014

No Longer Sick and Shut In! Yay

Hello to all my darlings,

So I emailed you about a couple weeks ago about my back and sciatica nerve flare up! Well since my last blog, I was referred to a pain management doctor and started my first of 3 scheduled appointments for corticosteroid injections.

Before the injections, I was having major issues that was getting in the way of my daily routine like walking, bathing, going to work, taking care of my family and blogging.

I'm feeling better since my first injection, almost like a new women! I'm not pain free but I'm doing so much better that I've been able to sew a few new items that I can't hardly wait for you to see. I really really miss you guys and I can't wait to be back in regular communications with you.

So in my last blog I talked about my first Give Away and how excited I was and still is!

Please be patient as I try to catch up on things I wasn't able to do and post about how to enter the Giveaway Contest. It's hard catching up after being down for awhile.

We'll chat later about some new pattern reviews and my first Give Away!

Dee's Doing it the Plus Style Way!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Down This Week!

Hey ladies,

So I've been down this week dealing with a flare up with my sciatica nerve in my left leg.
And because of my flare up, I have not been able to post anything this week yet.

Y'all pray for me! The pain, the pain, the pain!

It's nothing that I can compare the pain too, childbearing don't have nothing on nerve pain.
(Wait, let me think about that)! The two might be on the same playing field.

I'm feeling a little better and I will be posting a pattern review soon.

Also, stay tuned because I will be doing my first Give Away and I'm so excited!

Details of the Give Away will be posted as well.

We'll chat later about the old/new pattern reviews and my first Give Away!

You all have a wonderful 4th of July!

Dee's Doing it the Plus Style Way!