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Saturday, April 25, 2015



First let me start by thanking everyone who have viewed my blog since I've been sick, shut in and not able to stitch one darn thing since June of 2014

So recently I decided to have back surgery in March of 2015, the pain was unbearable and I just couldn't take it anymore to be honest. It was either continue in pain which I have been in since 2009 or surgery. Oh, did I mention that I did everything from physical therapy to acupuncture to injections and losing weigh and absolutely nothing worked!

So me and my husband talked, prayed and decided that surgery might be what I really needed and I went for it. Right now it's still too soon for me to tell if it has made a big different as I am still healing.

But as soon as the doctor releases me, I'll be back to sewing and blogging.

I'm so excited and although I'm still healing it's a nice feeling to know I'll be back to what I enjoyed doing that doesn't have anything to do that involves family stuff. You know what I mean!

So please pray for a speedy recovery and that he releases me so that I can at leaast start physical therapy and get back to sewing.

I decided to leave a before and after picture of my weight loss and it still didn't help my back pain. I'm sure in the long run it will but I live in the now and right now the weight loss didn't help.

Dee will SOON be doing it the Plus Style Way!