Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Hey ladies and gents,
I don’t ever want to forget about our men so I welcome you! So I would like to put Style Sew Me http://www.Style Sew on blast. Erin from Style Sew Me “my cyber neighbor” is offering this 5 Day e-Course for FREE, if you sign up to receive emails from her DIY/Fashion blog. Did I say FREE!
Thats what I did, I signed up and received day one e-Course the very next day. “Lemme” tell you, if you have any doubts as to starting your own sewing business, scared, don’t know how to charge/pricing, you’re not good enough and the biggest of them all “I don’t have the money to start”. You know, the list goes on and on; all the things running in our mind that keep us from moving forward and taking that first step then I encourage you to sign up today to receive this FREE e-Course. It is absolutely uplifting and informative and by the time I was finished on the fifth day I was pumped and ready! All the doubt and the I don’t have this or that was gone.
This Style Sew Me e-Course was what I needed for that push. You can do it and she even incorporated some homework assignments, nothing hard but something for you to think about once you receive the assignments. The e-Course was well thought out and very well put together and I thank Erin the creator of Style Sew Me for taking the time in putting together a solid educational and motivational e-Course.
I'm going to help you out and put the link right here 5-Day e-Course for you to go directly there and sign up, this e-Course does not disappoint.
No, I’m not getting paid but I have to give credit where its due and she definitely deserve to be put on blast!
Well, until we cyber meet again and by the way, are you making it work for you?
I’m so exited, I’ll be posting my first DIY soon for this site so stay tuned. I’m also working on this dang Website so bear with me.
Dee with KJK Styles

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